1-on-1 Coaching

Does your lifestyle support your Business or does your Business support your Lifestyle?

It’s a critical question and one that most business owners don’t ask themselves. Another way to think about it is, is your Business running you or are you running your Business? What we do at Sidestep Coaching is help you create a Business that not only supports the lifestyle that you want – but take it even further if you choose to.

Learning to build your business in a consistent, predictable, and sustainable way is not far from your reach. With a Sidestep Business Coach you have someone in your corner who will keep you accountable, support and guide you, and give you the answers to move you from where you are currently in your business to where you want (and dream) to be.

You’ll learn to work ON your business, not IN your business. As we guide you through our proven coaching process, you will discover better ways to manage your business and life.

Our definition of a Business Coach is different from the way the “Coaching Industry” defines it.

The industry defines business coaching as “A coach should provide guidance, support and empower the client to come up with the answers themselves by asking the client the right questions at the right time”

Sidestep’s Definition of a Business Coach

“A Business coach is someone who will ask you the right questions but also provide you with answers, keep you accountable, motivate you, provide step-by-step direction, layout the sequence of action steps to take, provide the tools, scripts, and processes to make your business the best it can be”

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How our Coaching Works

We will work One-on-One with you 2-4 times a month (depending on your needs). Each coaching session lasts 1 hour and includes phone and email support in between the coaching sessions. You have the responsibility to build the type of business that you want and to take action. As your coach we have the responsibility of providing the tools, and guidance, for you to be successful.

Are you ready to make a change in your business? Are you ready to do something different to achieve results? Then let’s get started!

  • Each coaching session last 60 Minutes
  • You receive 2-4 Coaching sessions per month (depending on your needs)
  • Month-to-Month (6-month commitment to start)
  • 100% money back guarantee

What types of things do we work on with Clients?

This will depend on your needs and priorities. Below is some of the major things we can work on with you or your team.

  • Increasing your Sales
  • Prospecting and Lead Generation
  • Creating Profitable Referral Partners
  • Pricing your Services and Margins
  • Improving Cashflow
  • Business Operations
  • Systematizing your Business
  • Building a Team
  • Enhancing your existing Team
  • Increasing your Income Sources (where business comes from)
  • Customer Services
  • Client Loyalty / Repeat Clients
  • Closing more Sales (Engaging, Qualifying, Presenting, Objections, Asking for the Sale etc)
  • Sales Processes and Managing the Deal Flow
  • Increasing your Conversation Rates (turning more of your Prospects into Clients)
  • Defining Target Markets / Profitable Marketing Strategies
  • Presenting and becoming a Professional Speaker
  • Time Management

What is the next Step? 

If you are interested in exploring a Coaching relationship our coaches provide a 60-minute Coaching Session so they can learn more about you and you can learn more them and what they can do to help you. During this free session they will learn more about your goals, challenges, and offer you some tips and strategies. We promise that you will not receive a Sales pitch – We believe in showing people what we can do – not giving you a Sales pitch. We choose our Clients as carefully as they choose us.

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