Don’t set goals for your Business in 2016

Yes, you heard me right. It is said that less than 8% of business owners who set goals in this manner actually achieve them. So, let’s not bother. Goal Planning is such an overused term. The way Goal and Business Planning currently works is… You come up with your Goals for the Year. Most Business Owners use the tired old system of S.M.A.R.T (Smart, Meaningful, Realistic, Achievable, Time Sensitive).

Sounds good right? NO! not with an 8% success rate. How many of you set your goals for the year and never look or think about them again?

I DO want you to try something new:



Think about something you want to ACHIEVE in 2016. Got it? Good. Now give it a range of low to high. If the achievement is or also has a date give it a range as well.


I want 20-30 prospects between January 1st – January 31st
I want 8 – 10 Clients between January 1st – January 31st

Why do we give it a range? Because as humans we don’t celebrate our achievements and we give ourselves a hard time if we miss our goals. On the other side, how do you feel when you hit a number you want to achieve? Most business owners say to themselves “I hit my goal BUT I should have gotten more”


Now we want to take the Achievements we have and break those down into Targets … think of it as “bite-sized pieces”.

For example: If your achievement is 8-10 Clients per month what will your weekly target be? 2-3 Clients per week. So your target for this achievement is 2-3 clients per week.


Now that you have set your Targets now we want to break each of those targets down with Action Steps you will take for each target.


Developing a system for your desired Achievements is where the rubber really hits the road when it comes to achieving what you want in your Business this year.

Many people will set a goal and develop action steps to take but then fail to implement their action plan because they don’t have a system (a series of steps to take that are automated as much as possible). The more systematized you can make your actions the higher your chances are for success with your targets.

Think of a system like this: “If you could not run your business tomorrow and someone had to take over for you – could they look at your system and know what to do?”

Keep in mind that the more detailed your system for each target the great chances of success you have in achieving your overall Goals.

If you want Sidestep Achievement Planning tool just comment below with your email address and we would be happy to send it to you or email: and we can reply with a Word document version of the tool to help you make 2016 your best year yet.

All the best for you and your business in 2016!

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