At Sidestep we do things differently…


You will never have to guess at how to build your Business when we work together. We don’t just ask our Clients questions and expect them to come up with the answers themselves. We provide scripts, tools, strategies, and break down the action steps you will take with each Strategy and Process. Think of it like a recipe you follow when you are baking a cake.

Phone Support

We provide Email and Phone Support in between your Coaching Sessions. If you have any question or run into a road block we don’t want you waiting until our next Coaching session to get an answer!


We don’t have clients sign Long-Term contacts (12+ months).  We believe long contracts make people lazy so we don’t do them.


We have a money-back guarantee for each month we work together. It ensures we bring our “A-game” to every Coaching Session we have with you.

Our definition of a Business Coach is different from the way the “Coaching Industry” defines it.

The industry defines business coaching as “A coach should provide guidance, support and empower the client to come up with the answers themselves by asking the client the right questions at the right time”

Sidestep’s Definition of a Business Coach

“A Business coach is someone who will ask you the right questions but also provide you with answers, keep you accountable, motivate you, provide step-by-step direction, layout the sequence of action steps to take, provide the tools, scripts, and processes to make your business the best it can be”

15 Other Reasons to work with Us

1) We can work with you on all aspects of your business not just one or a few areas

2) Clients can attend our seminars as our guests (Complimentary!)

3) We show you how to spend less time working IN your business, and more time working ON your business

4) Working with us will allow you to make more-effective, faster decisions

5) A Sidestep Coach helps you avoid costly mistakes

6) We show you the shortcuts in business (without taking a short cut on quality)

7) You will accelerate your results in your business

8) We show you how you can spend less time in your business while making more

9) We have fun but the work we do is serious and we never lose sight of that

10) We will always push and challenge you to make you a better business owner

11) We never ask clients to do something in their business that we are not willing to do ourselves

12) We help you achieve a Work/Life Balance

13) You benefit from our network of resources developed over the years

14) You will learn new skills and knowledge you can use for years to come

15) We get down in the trenches with you in your business (besides… it’s where we like to be!)


Are you Ready to take the next step in your Business?

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