Liam Brown

Liam Brown

Founder of Sidestep Coaching

Before starting Sidestep Coaching, Liam built 3 successful companies and has spent over 9 years as a professional speaker. Seeing a gap in the Service-Based sectors Liam applied his unique programs and coaching systems to address these challenges and fill the gaps in those markets, and Sidestep Coaching was born. Our Coaching and Training programs have caught the attention of single-operator business owners to multi-million dollar companies in the service-based industries across North America.

Some of the major skills that Liam brings to his clients include:

Developing Target Markets
Increasing Client Referrals
Developing profitable referral partnerships
Facilitation / Presentation Skills
Business Partnerships
Business Development / Marketing Expertise
Developing Income Sources and sustainable Revenue models
Business Systems / Operational Management
Franchising Development / Licensing Models
Time Management

Simon Bolton-Smith

Sales & Business Development

At Sidestep Coaching we’re looking to match your sales/business training and coaching needs with our specialized services to see if there is a fit to then move forward with providing value for your staff and company.
Building on my background in both Sales/Business development for highly successful and innovative corporations including Worldsource Financial, RBC, Sentry Select Capital. My primary responsibility is to provide Digital solutions in regards to targeted growth opportunities with the objective of creating a profitable and unique targeted market share expansion.
I’m also excited to connect with companies of varying sizes (from small/medium to Fortune 500) to provide your people with both the mindset and the skill set to develop your business, alongside corporate training, and coaching.

Working with public and private companies we bring resources to create high levels of market penetration and greatly reduce competitive presence. We accomplish this by providing targeted strategies and processes that create disruptions in the marketplace to gain market share and create turnaround successes through targeted Sales Training, Consulting, and 1-to-1 Coaching.



Kaitlin Wicentowich

Kaitlin Wicentowich

Social Media Manager

At sidestep Coaching I am looking to help keep things moving smoothly for everyone involved. Handling several tasks behind the scenes to make sure your business and company is well looked after from our side.
I have worked in several differently paced offices in a couple different countries, which has helped keep me learning and on my toes in the growing business world.

Working with different companies preforming various activities to keep all the processes that are related to planning, record keeping & billing, personnel, physical distribution and logistics, within an organization.

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